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Prayer is an integral part of our lives and plays a major part of our selection of mares and stallions.
After the homework is done, we pray for guidance. God has blessed us with some spectacular foals and we give Him all the honor and glory for our successes



Freedomhall at an Ian Starke clinic
See Freedom's page for a slideshow of him jumping!

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Our Breeding Focus - Our focus is strictly on the quality of the horse as an individual and not so much about breed or Registry. The horse stands on its own merits and a top pedigree is a plus. Temperament and trainability are on the top of our list; correct conformation is essential for balance, soundness, and movement. Pedigrees are important because they give us a basis to judge the possible qualities of the offspring.

We enjoy our pedigree homework for a particular stallion and the successes of his offspring. The Europeans have done a tremendous job of documenting the proven attributes of their horses and this gives us an edge on making breeding decisions. Some traits have proven to be highly inheritable and this is very important.

Happy First Birthday to Totil Hit
Moorland's Totilas x Stellar Hit

Totil Hit - Moorland's Totilas x Stellar Hit

He was not one bit afraid! As soon as I put the balloons down, he marched right over to them.
May 2013 - Moorland's Totilas X Stellar Hit
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See more pictures of our new Totilas foal on Our Mares and Foals page.

FreedomhallMansfield, Georgia
by Dana Clark

from the 5th Edition of Atlanta Horse Connections:

Rewind back to 2009. Remember where you were in October? I will never forget the day. I was at Ashland Farm watching a schooling show with a friend. Through the start-gate, this stunning pair galloped in and immediately took command of the entire show grounds. For a few moments no one moved or spoke…spectators were aware of one thing, they were in the presence of an awesome force. I stopped dead in my tracks. I still remember my awe struck paralysis. (A finer pair of athletes had never impressed me so strongly.) This shining black stallion was leaping over the jump course like it was just a fun and easy playground. Ears up, eyes bright, knees tight and tidy, he folded and landed just like a cat. His keen expression and his scope was tempered with complete enthusiasm for his job at hand. And his rider was perfectly at ease with all this power and grace, equaling his ability with her flawless timing. The comfort and confidence the two had in each other was remarkable. Just as calmly and deftly as they had galloped in and sailed over the course, they were gone. Mystery rider and the dark horse came in quiet calm. No entourage. No fanfare. Just under the radar, spectators turning to the person standing next to them asking, "Who were they?" Read more>

Oldenburg Inspection, 2009 - Both foals, Quintessential Hit (Quaterback X Stellar Hit) and Serengetti (Starlight X Wochenshow), received Premium Foal and Foal of Distinction award. In addition, both Stellar Hit and Wochenshow are Premium mares and received "Mare of Distinction" awards.   It was an unusual opportunity for the Oldenburg inspectors to have three generations in one inspection.

Click here for the Youtube video of Quintessential Hit (aka Tebow).

SESA Breed Show at the Olympic Horse Park, Conyers, Georgia, July 22, 2006 - Stellar Hit won the Reserve Grand Champion of the show with a score of 84.2% - Young Horse Championship! More about "Stella">

This is our Sandro Hit daughter checked in foal to Moorland's Totilas for a May 6, 2012 foal.

Pictures taken in the evening, low light. They don't do her justice.
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Stellar Hit by Sandro Hit. In foal to Totilas for May 2001 foal.

Stellar Hit by Sandro Hit. In foal to Totilas for May 2001 foal Stellar Hit by Sandro Hit. In foal to Totilas for May 2001 foal
Read the article about Totilas in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) -
Defying Neigh-Sayers, a New Star Hoofs It Onto the World Stage

We put strong emphasis on our broodmares and their temperament, pedigree and movement is as important as the stallion! We objectively evaluate our mares and make stallion selections that best compliment that mare. It is critical to honestly evaluate your mare and make breeding decisions that are realistic. I learned many years ago that you cannot breed an average mare and expect a stallion to contribute more than 50% of the outcome.

Some stallions are pre-potent in certain areas but it's not good business to take risks breeding an animal that will always be average unless you are breeding for emotional reasons and personal attachments to a mare and want to reproduce that characteristic you admire.

Although the stud fee is part of a breeding decision, it is probably the smallest part. Our goal is to improve with every generation and if the mare is well matched, my expectation is that she will produce better than herself.


Royal Elegance out of Wolkenshow X Royal Prince of Hilltop Farm. Royal Elegance was awarded a Premium at the Oldenburg Verband. 2008 - High Point Oldenburg for the entire show. Reserve champion of the 2 yr old filly division and Reserve Grand Champion in the mare class.


Stellar Hit by Sandro Hit - #1 Oldenburg Dressage stallion in the world 6 years ago. She was a Premium at her inspection in 2004 and is off the chart beautiful! Stellar Hit is in foal to Quaterman, 2003 Brandenberg.


The heart on his nose makes me think that it is God's kiss in favor in him. That settles it - his name is "Freedom's Brave Heart"

See the video of BraveHeart - July 2008

Below is Wolkenshow (aka Willow) Oldenburg by Wolkentanz II (Weltmeyer) out of a Donnerhall daughter ( by Pik Bube I). She is a Premium mare imported from Germany.

Willow Willow

Willow had a black filly on April 2009 out of Rick Rockefeller-Silvia’s Dream Street stallion, Starlight, who won the 2008 Grand Championship at Dressage at Devon.